Arrange marriages hesitation?

I ain't interested in gold diggers or family of gold diggers.

Well actually, my current salary (10.1... soon it'll be ~12), doesn't attract gold diggers either :(

Arranged marriage is either for uncle ji (who couldn't get/bother any/about GF) or highly experienced men (womaniser); because you'll get highly experienced women who has satisfied all her fantasies with her BFs and now ready to settle down with an uncle ji and ready to make kids at 1st attempt.I'm neither an uncle ji nor a champion, so no arranged marriage.This is what I conclude from real world experiences.

I love my girlfriend (other caste) but she doesn't want to marry me, she wants to marry the guy of her parent's choice. What should I do?

Stripping away other details...You love a girl.She does not want to marry you.She wants to marry someone else.OK, sounds like, for whatever reasons, she does not want to marry you.Caste doesn't matter, and the fact that it is the guy her parents want her to marry doesn't matter.She wants to marry him.Go find a

How to improve my stamina for short burst sprints

After a 50m sprint, you should be out of breath - That is the whole reason for sprinting, right?The thing is, 50m is probably to long for you to be doing.  For most people, I think 30m is

What are the best exercises for calves?

Calves can be especially challenging. We have heard plenty of lifters complain that they just don't have the right genetics to build big calf muscles. But these stubborn muscles can grow if you approach your workouts the right way.Here, we have compiled some of the greatest muscle-building calves exercises you can do