As a business owner, what is the most frustrating problem you face while you go about running your business?

Having to reinvent the wheel.

It would be nice if there was a Quora-like repository, not of questions and answers, but of issues/problems and processes/templates/procedures that solved those issues and problems.

For example, templates/processes/procedures for:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  3. How to pitch to investors
  4. How to recruit volunteers, interns and collaborators
  5. How to set up a Facebook group and grow it to 5,000 members
  6. How to plan for a new website
  7. How to recruit joint venture partners
  8. How to create one's USP
  9. How to set up a corporate Linkedin group
  10. Etc.

How can advertisers design their Search Ads to engage people through Search?

Useful Platforms & their Types of Ads to get better ROIRunning advertisement campaigns over the internet is the fastest way to get noticed around your audience. However, it must be done correctly else you will lose money and won't get

How to eat healthy on a budget in NYC

There are lots of salad bars and deli's throughout the city. Some are in grocery stores and you can pick from the buffet to fill your container. You will be billed by weight. Choose the healthiest items you like to eat and

What are some websites and ways to compare the state of different businesses in different countries? For example, real estate in country X vs. in country Y.

I have looked over the Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book several times over the years. There is a lot of interesting information on there about different countries around the world. You might be able to find something helpful on there.