As a cop, what's the creepiest thing you've investigated?

There was a string of residential burglaries by a suspect who we called "The Mudder". He would go into unoccupied houses, usually through a basement window and usually while the residents were on vacation, and trash the place by making piles of stuff in various rooms, taking ketchup, mustard and the like and pouring it on the piles, breaking the glass in photos and putting those on the piles and then, when possible, snaking a garden house into the window and leaving it on.

The suspect was never caught-it was thought it was a juvenile and the burglaries just stopped after a few months. One theory was that it was an emotionally disturbed area resident who subsequently moved away.

House burglaries were bad enough with people feeling defiled by having their possessions pawed over and strewn about, but these crime scenes were over the top in the mess, destruction and psychological trauma they caused...especially since they went unsolved.

A colleague of mine saw a car parked in a city park after hours. He approached it and saw it had one male driver. As he approached the guy he shined his flashlight in the car and saw the guy had a chicken in his lap. There were feathers floating in the air in the car. Upon further investigating he discovered the guy was having intercourse with the chicken!

True story.

Have you ever regretted being honest with somebody?

Okay, this is a hard question to answer, because it depends on the effects of being honest. Like we want to be honest, but if it ends up hurting us or hurting others then we will regret being honest and if it ends up helping us or helping others then we will usually not regret being honest. And similarly,

Would a white Afrikaaner become the president of South Africa?

I'm not an indigenous African. But, I'm struggling with the question and some of the responses. A few thoughts:Afrikaaner ruling over Africans didn't work.