As a fitness professional, what are the most common things you see people doing wrong with their workout regimen?

I made many mistakes along the way, even as a professional, so this answer does not come from any high-ground.

Here are 4 common things I notice at different commercial gyms:

  • The two most obvious are lack of leg strength training and too much time on the cardio machines, which sets the stage for a stress hormone fiesta and a subpar building hormone production (testosterone, growth hormones). Not a good thing for anyone that wants to lose fat or make muscle.
  • Not doing exercises through their full range of motion (squats, chin-ups, split squats, or even dumbbell presses) which creates an imbalance within the muscle. There is a time and place for 1/4 range of motion, but not as the main lift.
  • I rarely see anybody work the crucial support muscles such as the external rotators of the shoulders, lower trapezius, and hamstrings, which will limit strength and muscle development, then increase the likelihood of injury.
  • No lower leg work. The calves are so important for knee and ankle stability, plus the reverse pyramid build looks ridiculous. Many lifters should replace their arms/shoulder day for a full calf workout.

Bonus- Here are some of my biggest mistakes:

  • Socializing at the gym
  • Working out for too long ( favorable hormones drop after 40 mins)
  • Working out too much (6-7 days a week, no break)
  • Following a program designed for a professional bodybuilder
  • Lifting my ego

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