As a foodie, how do I stay fit without ever compromising on food?

  • Early morning habits: The most effective way. Get up early in the morning and have lukewarm water with lemon and honey or if not this then start your morning with a cup of green tea. After sometime it's time for some workout-
  1. Start with warm ups. Go from head to toe exercise. No need to put your full energy.
  2. Then give time for stretch exercise and Yoga. There are many beneficial yoga for burning fat.
  3. Take some break and go for some good workout. Jumping and hopping exercises. If not this then go for some rhythmic exercise like aerobics.
  • Light breakfast (tasty and healthy): Who says healthy dishes are not tasty? Take out your cereal box and mix cornflakes with honey and dry fruits. Want to make a healthy sandwich? Take some soaked sprouts and grind it. You will get a paste. Add regular spices. Take a brown bread and spread the paste and some peanuts for crunch. Enjoy the sprout sandwich instead of grabbing some cheese sandwich. And then comes masala oats. It's really tasty.
  • Moderate lunch- Cut off the portions of rice and Chappati. Take more of pulses and salads.
  • Water: Drink a lot of water. If you go outside carry a water bottle. Avoid buying cokes.
  • Healthy snacks: As a foodie there will always be craving for snacks. So make your snacks healthy. Instead of oily chips, biscuits and spicy samose, have popcorns instead. Keep those heavy snacks for weekend. Have sprouts, or peanut butter sandwich. Have green tea during tea time with honey.
  • Light dinner: Dinner should be light. That's important.
  • Homemade food preference: Are you craving for some tasty food but still want to be fit? Avoid buying it from outside and make those tasty dishes in home. Like homemade pizza or cakes.

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