As a former teacher, what students had an interesting life after school?

Most, if not all. - Some now have died, two in terrible car accidents.

Last weekend we had a visit from a student I taught 35 yeas ago.

Earlier this year I had a phone call from a student I taught in year nine, she's now 29.

I hear regularly from former students on FB.

All are deeply involved in interesting lives.

So am I. I left high school 59 years ago.

I presented a paper at an international conference last year.

I read articles consisting both the pros and cons of architecture. I am really confused. How is taking up architecture as a career?

Let's address your issue from few different perspectives :Go through the course structure , if you still haven't. This will help you figure out your level of interest in the topics that you will be learning .This profession is fiercely competitive and it's not a bed of roses to leave a mark without working

How is maths used in biotechnology?

I'd answer this question from a student's perspective. First of all, it's important in chemical conversions and calculations.Also, most of the entrance exam consider mathematics to be an essential part of their question paper.Questions based on probability, permutations and combination, Venn diagrams, some simple

Why can light be refracted when it passes from one medium to another?

Fermat's principle states the following:Light always takes the path with shortest time that it can take when it moves from point A to point B.