As a gay dad, how old were your kids when you told them?

My son was 12 when I came out. In fact, it was because of him that I came to accept my own sexuality. I've had an inkling that I was bisexual since I was very, very young... right around when I first started to hear about sex. However, when I grew up, being gay was super, super hard, and I was attracted to women, so... definitely not gay.

When my son was starting to show signs of puberty and noticing girls and such, I naturally started have low-key talks somewhat routinely about changes to his body, attitudes, and sex. It was during one of these conversations that it just came tumbling out in the course of our discussion. I hadn't even really meant to talk about it, but in the course of explaining about the straight/gay spectrum, I just casually mentioned that I was in the middle.

It was a really big deal to me, since it was the first time I'd ever identified myself as bisexual. It was just a yawn to him, and pretty much always has been.

Why can a girl not talk daily to her parents after her marriage?

I almost talk daily with my mom in the evening around 7–8 pm and my husband and his family respect that and they never call me around that time or object.Obviously, I don't tell my mom about the fights I have with my husband or any other minor issues or disagReements or problems in my husband's family, kind

How to assess the damage done by smoking cigarettes

There is no way to remove tar from your lungs very quickly.Nicotine is slowly consumed by your body, so after a couple of weeks of not smoking there will be no nicotine at all left in your blood stream.

How to start working online to make money

Now a days online earning is the dream of everyone & I too working in many online platforms & have earned a lots of money.My answer is different from others about online earning . I don't say that it is very easy to make billions or millions on online platforms in just a few months but I