As a healthy person, not overweight but not too slim, if I want to make my body strong or in good shape to look fit enough, which exercises should I begin with?

In this world It always and always begin with Nutrition.

1.Follow nutrition properly(Calories deficit,Intermittent fasting or keto nutrition)

2. lifting heavy weights on compound exercise in repetition range of 6 to 8 per sets

3.HIIT Cardio for 20 mins4.Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours per day.

NOTE:Consistency,frequency self discipline is the secret of losing weight,for more visit my Facebook and Instagram.

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Is National Honor Society overrated?

By whom, and for what?The National Honor Society, and its equivalent the Beta Club, are organizations created to allow schools to congratulate and reward students for what students are supposed to be doing: studying and learning. Insofar as students see being a member of either organization as desirable, the organizations are doing their job.For a

My 50 year old ex-husband wants to marry a 14 year old girl. How do I explain to him that this is wrong?

He's your ex, so his moral choices are no longer your concern. As for legality of his actions, the state will take care of that, it either is or it isn't legal in his jurisdiction. The girl's parents or a judge will either give permission

Should I think about leaving my husband?

Thoughts are produced by your mind which is not you in essence. Break through the constant cycle of thoughts flying in by focusing on your breathing and your body. You eventually will realize that there are two of you so to speak. The egoic