As a management student, what are some useful skills I can learn in a day?

Teach yourself Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (VBA) fundamentals.

You being a management student, will need to be versed in creating and/or interpreting financial models, which inevitably means tonnes of spreadsheets.

VBA is the language of all the macros in Excel so learning it should give you huge productivity gains. As an added bonus it also sits behind the macros of applications like Words, PowerPoint and Outlook, which may yield productivity benefits in those streams too.
How to lose fat around your thighs? I am 5'1 and 46kg, but my thighs are fatter than the rest of my body. How do I slim them down

It's a healthy place to have fat stored at least. For toning thighs you should do sumo squats, wide stance. You need to get your knees bent so you get your butt own to a knee level hitting 45 degrees at least.Do box squats, you slowly loweryourself onto a step/box/chair/bench, that can have you reach 45degrees or lower.You

What are the best freelancing sites in the world?

There has been a tremendous amount of growth in the freelance industry in the last decade and it is only going to continue. According to Forbes, the Freelance Amercian Survey suggests that

Is the free standing pull up bar and chin up bar a change in home exercise?

A Pull ups is a stomach territory compound pulling exercise. Regardless of the way that it can be performed with any hold, as of late some have used the term to suggest more completely to a draw up performed with a palms-forward position.Free standing Pull up bar are