As a musician, what is your biggest dream?

As a drummer and song writer, I have always wanted to be in a touring rock band. Not just any type of tour, mind you. I want to do something special with my music.

There are a lot of children that are in hospitals, and for many, they will never get to see a live concert. In recent years I have thought about forming a band for the sole purpose of playing for those kids. If those kids can't go to a concert, then the concert will go to the kids!

I have envisioned setting up in a hospital auditorium, and just playing for the kids; letting them "rock out" from their beds, wheel chairs, or whatever they are confined to. I would love for them to experience the power and emotion that comes from music, in a live setting.

If I could bring happiness and joy to them for just one night; one moment in time where they don't have to think about their pain, their medicine, their mortality...

Anyway, that is my biggest dream.

What are some reasons why an exercise routine can boost other areas of life?

It helps keep your body feeling well and you looking great of course, but being consistent with a routine also helps shape your mind as well. It has been shown scientifically that regular exercise does have a positive effect on our mental health. While exercising

What is the most definitive quality of a good wife and why?

I tell my good guy friends and men I love that a good woman doesn't want to subtract from your life, she will want to add to it. A good woman will help your bank account increase, make your house into a home, and bring

Are panda bears considered friendly?

Giant panda has survived for more than about 8 million years, they certainly have ability to defend themselves well. They are very peaceful animal and prefer to live alone. so they avoid having fights with others unless being thereatened. wild pandas are very