As a nurse, what made you most disgusted when a patient took off their clothes?

You can't be disgusted with your patient. You can feel sorry for them , like the patient that would have a BM on themselves when they could and knew to walk to the restroom. You have to realize they are really just mentally ill or starting to get dementia and start to chart about it and then just go clean them up. Now I have been so disgusted with family members that were suppose to be keeping their poor dying parents and find bed sores showing their spine or bones in the heel and ankle or have not been changed in a day because their parents " stinks " or turned in over12 hours. That is abuse and I would turn them into the state if they did it more than once. I have had patients that the state had called me to that was so dirty that we would literally have to soak them in a large tub at the hospital to get the nastiness off them. But again we would find out that they were being kept by their spouse that had dementia and didn't realize what they were doing. So that was just horribly sad. If you get disgusted easily nursing would be hard to do.

What made and still makes me disgusted is to watch the pain and intense struggle that a person must go through because they are ashamed of their body because society has predetermined what they should look like. When someone desperately needs medical attention but they hold off on coming in because they will have to present their naked skin/body/body part because they are embarrassed. That's what disgusts me. I have a feeling this may not be the answer you were looking for but I speak from my heart and it's the truth!


What are some symptoms of schizophrenia or psychosis?

Schizophrenia has quite a broad spectrum of symptoms, but they can basically be put into three categories; positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. And essentially, psychosis is a separation from reality. When someone is referring to psychosis they're usually talking about the positive symptoms of schizophrenia which are delusions,

How to delete my Google+ profile picture

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