As a parent, do you struggle to tell your children no?

Perhaps this makes me the odd one out, but I didn't really struggle with this at all. I began having children in my thirties, and I already had more than a decade of working with young children, I also feel that I had an excellent model in my own parents. They often said "yes" to wants, but were not afraid to say "no" for a variety of reasons. Asking one's parents for something should not be a mere formality. One of my particular pet peeves is when children say "I'm getting such and such toy, game, tech, etc for my birthday/holiday gift". I could tell my parents what I hoped for, but I always knew that there was no guarantee of getting it.

One thing I will say is that with my own children, I tried to say "yes" if it was at all possible. This made the times I said "no" easier to swallow for them. Sometimes I said "yes, when . . .", as in "can we go swimming?" "Yes, when the dishes are done and the laundry is folded". Doesn't that sound much nicer than "No, we have to do the dishes and fold the laundry".

How to find a foreigner girl to marry, What are the pros & cons to marry a foreigner girl

Foreign or local, no matter; provided they are aware of intricacies of a happy marriage.Most of the young couple are unaware of the intricacies of a happy marriage.Prudent to study intricacies of happy marriage/relationship/cohabitation, so that both of you can keep happy for life. Any glitch arising @ a later date can

Can you do intermittent fasting every day for weight loss?

If I were trying to lose weight without maintaining muscle mass, I would be able to lose about 5 pounds a week through manipulation of calorie intake via intermittent fasting.To exaggerate what happens, compare it with the 5 day fast I performed. I worked out every day, not caring

How to reduce the size of my thighs without doing squats

Yes you can!!Brisk Walk: Allow yourself for an hour long walk *everyday*. Because walking is the most underrated exercise though it can burn 100-400 calories per hour according to your weight.Sports: If squats are not your cup of tea for now, you can also indulge yourself in any sports like basketball or badminton, but do a lot of stretching