As a restaurant employee, what is the worst thing you've seen done to a customer's food in retaliation to a complaint or for other reasons, and would you dare to complain while dining out?

"Retaliation" is never ok. I have asked customers to leave because of their behavior, but that is not retaliation. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I have no problem bringing up a problem if one arises. But I'm also not an asshole from the moment I walk in (people's behavior rarely changes from the moment they walk in the door). Shit happens. It doesn't give me a right to be degrading.

Something "Goes wrong" fairly frequently in restaurants (just like any other business). We can all be grown ups and fix the problem without the pettiness.

Or you can be a dick. That's when people retaliate. You are wrong. They are wrong. Just don't be a dick, ok?

Should India learn from China?

Question: Should India learn from China?Question detail: India was ahead of China in the 80's. And now China is ahead of even the US.Answer: Sorry, I doubt if the Question detail is right. If you have any reference, please share it. Historical GDP of China - Wikipedia.

Did dinosaurs live before Adam and Eve?

We know that dinosaurs existed because there is a significant amount of evidence that they did in the fossil record. One frequent question that people have is where chronologically do they fit in. If man has existed for only a relatively short time period then how do we explain the long

How will technology change how we travel?

Travelling is necessary, whether it is for a family, a group of friends or a business. Everyone, at some point or another, needs to travel from one place to another. However, the process is quite frequent in a business organization, regardless of the size of the company as they constantly find themselves sending their employees and