As a teacher, have you ever had only one kid show up to class?

One year I had a student who was just terrified of crowds. She could get to class and do all of the normal stuff, but if something happened and there was going to be a big crowd moving, she just got super emotional.

So the problem comes up with assemblies or pep rallies in the gym .. or if there is a fire drill. During those times, all 2000 kids will be walking somewhere together. It will be a big crowd with maybe a little pushing and shoving.

As it happens, I don't like to trek all over the place to those types of events either. So we just stayed in class and got work done. I ended up bringing some snacks one time and we ate and talked and worked on stuff.

That year, I missed every large gathering that happened during 5th period, but I felt like I was doing the right thing. She was comfortable, got a lot of extra work done, and we got to know each other more.

Nobody missed us and I doubt we missed anything important, either. It is a great memory and a great lesson in kids: they aren't robots ... you can't read a book or plan everything ahead of time.

Each kid is unique and has the things that are important to them. Finding those little treasures that they hold dear is part of being a teacher.

I teach in a school of distant rural area. People don't pay much importance to education up there.

There are a lot of parents who only admit their children to school because of the monthly stipend. So, after getting their name admitted, they don't bother to send their children again in school.

Weddings are like festivals in rural areas here. The whole village has to participate in it. Almost half of the village population attends each and every wedding. So, during wedding seasons, not more than 4 or 5 students show up in a class.

So, yeah.,I have had 1 or 2 kids showing up in my class and I have also had only 14 to 15 students showing up in whole school.


Teaching at the college level, I have a small class size for developmental math, sometimes as few as 4–6 students. So I have had 0 or 1 students show up multiple times. We have class as usual, though I might do some of my own homework to keep from hovering too much and making the student nervous. I don't consider the students to be kids, but felt folks might be interested in this playing out at the college level.

I have seen other instructors give broad hints to test questions or go over a lot of the assignment in class when attendance is poor, so FYI that is a great day to be present! Most classes will not be cancelled due to having one or a few students. If no students show up, I will go to the testing/tutoring center and may leave early.

I personally have not subbed in a class with only one student. however, one student told me that she was a junior in an all senior class and so after the seniors were done with class for the year left only her in the class. The teacher walked out of the class to do something and when he came back he told her that he left to give her a chance to leave. lol. He had nothing more to teach in that class

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