As a teenager, how can I begin investing my money?

A safe way to invest would be to put your money in a low cost index fund. These funds will essentially follow what the market is doing. If you invest in the S&P 500, DOW, Russell 2000, etc, for example you should make 7–8% per year over the long run. The important thing is to keep putting in money on a consistent basis. (bi-weekly, monthly, every 6 months, etc.). By doing this you aren't "timing" the market and your investment will do well in the long run. You don't even need to pay attention to what the market is doing. It will continue to grow in the long run. When the market crashed in 2008 many people lost a lot of money. If you don't panic when this happens and keep putting money in on a consistent basis your money will eventually come back. A market crash really only hurts you if it happens when you are ready to pull out your money to pay for college, a house, a wedding, retirement, etc.

Is morning running or evening running beneficial?

MORNING5 ADVANTAGES TO MORNING RUNNINGRunners are unique for many reasons, but their tendency to practice their sport at ungodly early hours is certainly one of them. We've all seen them bouncing along sidewalks and trails in the early morning dusk, but what exactly is it that gets these folks out of bed when it's

Why do scientists think that animals can't talk?

Hmm... let's see:when is the last time an animal talked to you?how did that conversation go?Animals communicate.Some dog breeds can be trained to understand and follow dozens of word commands. I have yet to learn about one that talked back with an intelligible phrase.Cats meow to humans but not to other cats. The average cat has at least 15–20

What are some good exercises for core strength? (See details)?

How do you define ‘effective'?If by ‘effective', you mean ‘strengthening your core' - then crunches and situps are boring but very effective abdominal exercises, keeping in mind that they mainly target the upper abdominal area. Hanging leg lifts and toes-to-bar will workout your lower abs, so between these and your crunches/situps