As an Ectomorph, is there any particular gym routine that would be most effective for upper body growth?

You can't just look at upper body growth. Aim for full body growth inc legs and back.

Do heavy compound movements. Such as bench press for chest.

Shoulder press for shoulders.

Dead lifts for lower back.

Pull ups and bent over rows for upper-back

Squats for legs.

Sets/reps of 3 x 8–10

And 5 x 3–5

The most important factor will be to eat big and clean.

What is a website that was designed to be hacked?

All web sites were designed to be hacked. It's just that some of them don't know it yet. ;)But you'd be better off practicing your mad sk1llz on something like Hack This Site!.And you'd be even better off configuring your own

How would you react if your husband or wife told you that they want a divorce so they can marry the very young, unemployable, weird person living down the road?

I say, jut your chin forward, do not do the pick-me-dance so he/she feel powerful to pick either one of you. It's a sick joke at that point and you may not want to play this little game of Double Layer

Could Peter Thiel win one of California's Senate seats?

California is a blue (democrat) state.Peter Thiel supported Trump in a speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC).Donald Trump is not a democrat.Apart from that, many republicans will also not vote for Peter Thiel. He has nearly zero experience in politics.Another disadvantage for Thiel among republicans is that he is gay. In general, republicans seemingly do not like homosexuals.