As an Indian husbands, what do you wish wife knew?

Dear future wife, hope you are reading this.

  1. I am sure it will be our arrange marriage and I want you first to be my best friend then a wife.
  2. I may sure you are busy in chat with your boyfriend but hope that I will NOT be the last one in your life. Cause i don't wanna marry you in the first place if you have past relationships.
  3. Don't worry about me, I am still single and I promise you that, you will the only person in my life.
  4. I am little boring but I will be romantic as much as possible.
  5. You don't have to cook for me & my whole family cause you are not some maid that we hired, your my lovely wife and i will always help you in everything.
  6. I am little bit less talkative, so be sure that you should talk much. I love hearing you.
  7. I know you may have a lot of expectations about my looks, but I am just of average look.
  8. And don't worry your family will be our family and same expectation from you.
  9. Sometimes I am little bit annoyed, hope you will understand. And whatever you want please directly say to me.
  10. I want to travel with you a lot.
  11. I only want respect, love and loyalty from you.
  12. If you are reading this post or not. don't worry I will show you this post when I will meet you in future.
  13. And most important, don't you dare to cheat me after marriage, I will kill you. Promise! xD. ---- from your future soulmate.

NOTE: This is not plagiarism.

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