As an engineer, what is something you never fail to enjoy doing?

For me? Solving problems.

I know I have to type more or the answer will get collapsed, but I do enjoy solving problems, and the tougher the problem that I actually solve, the better the feeling.

Simple example, while I was working for the government, it somehow became my problem to set up an older system baseline at a land based test environment and I was also really given no budget. I was able to quickly determine I didn't need a full suite of hardware (say, instead of the usual 5 oracle computers (been a while), I could get away with just one) and there was no reason to buy new equipment.

I told my support contractor to buy the hardware used off ebay. This was a very strange and uncomfortable move for the U.S. government because buying used stuff just never happens. But, with a little due diligence and purchase of service agreements to maintain the hardware, I managed to build a suitable legacy baseline to support the program.

Early in my career, I troubleshot shipboard equipment. I was the one that they called when no one else could figure it out. One problem stumped local techs for over a month. Granted, it was a tough problem to solve. I flew to the ship (carrier) and found the problem in 1.5 days (back plane wire routed tight against a pin that bit just enough through insulation to make the problem practically impossible to troubleshoot). Bent the pin over just a tad and boom! Equipment functioned again. Walked away from that solution feeling like I was walking on air.

OK, that should be enough rambling to keep from getting collapsed.

How do Space Shuttle pilots discover the runway for landing upon entering the atmosphere from outer space?

The Shuttle re-entered the atmosphere from a specific orbit, in order to be generally lined up with the Kennedy Space Center (or an alternative Landing site like Edwards Air Force Base in California). This slowed the Orbiter down, at the cost of extremely high temperatures during that re-entry

Are you excited for the Avengers 4 trailer? Why or why not?

Nope. I don't even care. I'm just going to continue doing my thing, least affected by what Avengers 4 is called or titled. It's been too long of a wait and honestly by this point, I've lost interest in the movie.Said NO Marvel fan ever.Of course I'm excited. Way

What are the best SF books that should be adapted into films?

Safehold series by David Weber: the books are pretty good, but the premise is just awesomely suited for TV. Humanity, threatened with destruction, makes a colony on a planet called safehold, and restricts everyone to pre industrial tech, reinforced by a strict mother