As im getting older I seem to becoming less and less emotional. Should I worry?

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I don't care about anyones emotions whereas I myself have lost all sense of emotions but have gained the ability to "act" emotions almost flawlessly. I ran over a cat on my way to work out of the driveway, instead of wasting time (I was already late) I did an experiment: (as a child I was very much a cat lover) I kill it and see if I feel anything: I didn't. Is this emotionless state something which is going to affect me negatively later on?

I can make decisions more easily now and the people around me seem to like the "new" me more.

I don't think so. Less emotion is not so bad. I think it is one of the blessing of age that the edges get worn and we are less passionate about things that used to matter. I think this is to a large extent nature's gift, because it would be painfully frustrating to be driven by needs greater than one's ability to fulfill, like feeling the need to battle social evils like we did when we were younger. I'm glad I did those things, but I find that it is a blessing to be less active, more selective in where you put your energy. Aging, in my experience, is a gift. If you have fulfilled your responsibilities in younger years, then just like the statistics show, even though you feel less passion, you feel more happiness.

I would talk to your physician, rule out disease or other factors honestly..... Make sure it's not signs of something serious....

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