As somebody with a pear shaped body, will I mainly lose the fat around my hips and face first before losing the fat in my thighs?

Bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Technically when losing fat or weight, it applies to the entire body losing it altogether.

It just boils down to your bone structure and body type (mesomorph, mesomorph etc). Why does body type matter? It's an aspect of your unique body. Knowing your body type may help you meet your diet and fitness goals.

Hope this helps!

Is CBD hemp oil a drug?

A very common confusion is made between CBD hemp oil and CBD marijuana oil and the mistake arises from the fact that both plants have the same name, which is cannabis. These two are different and once you understand this aspect

Does losing weight lower your metabolism?

What is metabolism? It is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.It is true that your body's metabolism rate determines whether you lose or gain weight. Some people believe that having a slow metabolism means that there is excess weight gain but