As someone who has experienced an alien abduction or seen an alien, can you explain what happened?

I see UFOs on an almost daily basis. They are NOT interstellar beings in a material sense, this planet or plane of existence is theirs as well. The best way I can explain an interaction with these transdimensional entities is they interface with the world we exist in. Wherever it is they come when they abduct a person that place becomes the craft itself in a sense, such as your bedroom. It's as if the room is now in or part of the craft itself. The UFOs can manipulate time, space, and mind. The craft itself seems to be sentient as much as you or I or the beings on the ship reacting to the thoughts of the larger insectoid/mantids who seem to be the higher caste, the "greys" being several different castes of worker drones.

These are not new, they have been here for a very long time.

Should I believe in a God or not?

I was raised mainline Protestant, but I shrugged that off pretty quickly and became a confirmed atheist. There are an enormous number of delightful and truly kind atheists in the world, but I would describe then-me as a thoroughly obnoxious one -- the kind of atheist that sees the question as an intelligence test that theists auto-fail.

Can technology replace government?

No, it is a big no. Any kind of technology cannot replace a social group of people who are elected by the other people to run the country which have their own opinion and ability to think with many point of views and logics, any AI cannot

What happens when earth orbits the sun?

Q: What happens to Earth's orbit if the sun disappears?The Earth will cease revolving about the sun, and move off in whatever direction it was heading at about the time of the Sun's disappearance, at about 30km/sec.Hopefully we wouldn't collide with any of the other ex members of the solar system!