Ashtanga Yoga: Do I need to have a veggie diet for yoga practice?

Unless you want a pig to eat your child, you better not eat that pig's child!

A lot of people get offended when we say "YES, YOU 'HAVE TO' STOP KILLING ANIMALS"

Yoga is all about respecting the 'body.'

When you can not respect another living beings body, you can not possibly respect your own body either.

Thoughts affect your mind and ultimately your body!

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FYI, yoga is not a pill for it to be showing wonders on your body within 2 months, or even 2 years, or even 2 decades. It works only when your mind is willing to accept the yogi life. Its all about the lifestyle and less about the asanas.

So stretching your arms and legs, to keep you healthy, and then cutting some one else's arms and legs, inspite of having other alternatives for food, does not make sense to your soul. No matter how much you / media / magazines try to convince you that you do not have to be a vegetarian, its not going to work. Your soul knows the truth, and you can not lie for your benefit.

Killing someone is not acceptable. And by ‘someone' I mean a living being. A hen, a cow, a goat or any other human / animal has the same rights to live on this planet as you do. Humans are smarter, but that does not mean they are better.

What are some ways to help with muscle soreness after a workout?

Here are a few things you can do to minimize your soreness:Stretch while your muscles are still hot from your workoutIce it after stretching will reduce the inflammation, and thereby reducing the inflammation, you will increase circulation after you stop icing (better recovery with better circulation).Eat salmon, free-range meats,

What is the best exercise for gaining endurance?

For endurance circuit training with minimal rest ( less than 30 seconds ) is best.Use light to moderate weight ( 50–60% of 1RM ) and perform more reps ( 15+ ).the workout plan depends on the goal/event and current conditioning.One sample workout plan -Machine chest press - 15 repsLat pull down - 15 repsFront raise shoulder- 15 repsBodyweight

Do you walk every day for exercise? How far? How fast? What do you do when you can't at some point?

Aha! You are asking a bodybuilder at heart. Our cardio is lifting weights faster.All kidding aside, I walk my dog when it is not the dead of winter where windchill actually freezes your soul and daylight lasts more than eight hours in a stretch.If I am walking on a treadmill