At 29 am I too late to start going to a gym?

It's like asking is 29 too late to be fit? And seriously, what is this fuss about 30 being an old age? 29 is a damn young age to start anything in the world, virtually anything.

Who the hell tells you that it is a late age by any standard? God knows what has happened to our country. Just because majority are below 30 doesn't mean 30 is an old age. Majority are below 30 just because there's too much kamasutra in our country and too less kamasutra condoms! There is no other reason and that reason doesn't make the minorities oldies. Tomorrow if majority come under 21, then 25 won't be a too old age, will it?

Akshay Kumar is 47 dear, 47 bloody years old and he exercises everyday early morning. Is 47 too old to exercise?

Just go and hit the gym with a personal trailer in the beginning before you get the exercises right. All the best! Cheers!

P.S. I've been working out at the gym regularly since 2009 (Delhi and then Mumbai) and trust me, people from every age group - 20 to 50 are stuffed in there. Above 50 are less but there are a few 70+ oldies also.

Incidentally I started working out when I was 29. Today in 2016 I'm 36 and this is how I look (casual mobile click in the gym). I hope this pic answers all your questions :).

What are the best ab exercises for someone who already has a six pack?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after

Why are people getting more and more frustrated and angry?

Cheap and badly made appliances can drain much of the good will, virtue and patience out of anyone, thus leaving them more prone to a meltdown tirade. Think about how a badly made dishwasher can wear on a married couple. The man returns home from

Is it narcissistic to assume that I ‘m smarter than most of the world?

There is lots of people who think that they are smarter then most of the world. But very few are.also, it doesn't mean you are a narcissist.and then there is the fact that most narcissists are really not that smartthey think they are smart, because