At what age did you learn about the stock market versus what age were you when you actually started investing?

I learned about it as a senior in high school in 1963 in Mama Nathe's social class. I made a dummy investment in "Heinz Foods" mostly because I liked their ketchup! Four years later, after self-funding my bachelors degree in chemistry, I purchased $1000 worth of stocks and mutual funds with the money I had saved from my first 6 months of a job, as I enlisted in the USNavy during VietNam conflict. I continued to add small amounts on my $400/month income then, and have continued to add for the last 50 years! Life is good, no financial worries!!! When did you start and get in to the "habit"?

Did I ruin my life?

Nope. Rather, you have achieved a lot at a very young age! Congratulations! :) We all have to learn certain things in life. Not listening to neigh-sayers is one such thing. You come across as a bright and passionate Computer Science student. Your teachers and peers and probably ignorant

Is doing push ups right after getting up bad for me?

From my experience doing push-ups as soon as you wake up is not bad for you but actually good for you.I do a set of 60 push-ups every morning and have been doing so for at least the last 6 months straight.I do them maybe 10 minutes after a wake up and