At what age did you settle for life?


What does settling mean?



So before those things happens, Were you not settled?

Settling means reaching an agreement with life or continue to do what you are doing?

Why should anyone get settled?

Never Settle!

  • Have all the fun before marriage, after marriage and after kids too!
  • Strive for your dream career coz age is just a number
  • Travel with your friends and family coz WHY NOT??!!
  • Go on those freaky adventures
  • Study continously all your life coz its never a waste

But Never Settle! :)

Can I get a six-pack if I have white rice on my diet?

It depends bit on you.First of all can you eat small amounts of white rice or is it a food that once you start eating you tend to eat a lot of it. Secondly how do you do with simple carbs in general, do they tend to lead you to gain weight easily.That aside

How to double the amount of pushups I can do from 40 to 80

This might not be the answer you're looking for with detailed training techniques and facts, but there is a way to achieve this. Having reached a level where you are able to do 40 clean consecutive push ups with proper form, it is easily possible to push yourself to do atleast 70. All it takes is motivation.

Has someone ever ruined your life or tried to ruin your life?

Yes.It was an Ex. Told everyone in school I slept with many people including him. Had to face 4 years of bullying and abuse, lost all friends due to reputation he created and boys never respected me and I would get anonymous emails, calls and fake profiles harass me.