At what age should a person get settled in their life?

Its not about the Age, Once you are capable to handle yourself and your dependent...emotionally and financially then you are good to settle down.

Settle down means get married, start family, buy car, get home etc etc...

In older days life wasn't that tough and people used live in joint families so there were always some to tackle your problems and provide you to support whenever needed unlike now a days..every one has career goals, too much competition, nuclear family and nobody to support when you need it..

So now a days people are taking time to get settle and it is good actually..

so Age is just a number...get settle when you feel like it.. :)

All the best!!

Do I lose fat as I gain muscle?

If you train as I do, YES you will lose body fat and make more muscle. I use weightlifting for physical activity. It covers strength and power training, and it also covers the cardio conditioning while preserving my muscle fibers. For best results (Maximum fat loss and maximum muscle production), I recommend to

When losing weight is fat burned off first or are fat and muscle burned off simultaneously?

Sugar from your bloodstream is burned off first. As it drops below a desirable level, more will be created by synthesizing sugar from body fat. If that is inadequate and blood sugar continues to drop to dangerously low levels, other resources will be used like blood glycerides and amino acids. If they are

Should I train muscle groups twice a week with 1 day rest every week?

Yes, I believe that generally training each muscle group twice per week will give you the biggest bang for your buck.Once a week may be enough for maintenance purposes, but you won't see significant gains this way. Training each