Because of Reliance Jio, BSNL telecom sector has faced so many loses. Why is PM Modi silent on this issue?

Because India is no more in 1970s where just because a firm not owned by government makes more profit than a firm owned by government the first one gets punished for making more profit, so that the second one ends up getting more customers.

In modern world, there's a simple mantra- perform or perish. If an organization is not giving it's best, then with passage of time it begins to grow irrelevant in modern world.

Had today BSNL been owned not by government, but by some individual or a group of individuals and it's service had been as lackadaisical as we see it , then it would have become to Indian telecom industry what PANAM became to American airline industry, in other words, done and dusted. For the uninformed ones, PANAM was more or less the American version of Air India, and much like Air India went into bad days, but since it was not owned by the government there, by 1991 all it's aircrafts stopped flying in the sky for eternity.

BSNL on other hand, the only thing that managed to keep it relevant is that it's a state-owned company, and that seemed to have created a psyche in it's workforce that turned them into a standard government employee, high on words, low on services. Nobody really wants to be with it, nobody has any wish to use it's services, since they already know too well how bad it is supposed to be today. Do you have any idea of how many calls you need to make just because your net is down ?

The funny thing is, half of the people who spend their time abusing likes of businessmen of India over an internet connection run from some Jio or Airtel, will begin flinching if I dare them to spend a month with an BSNL network.

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Take a heavy diet of protien and anergery. Daily runing of 4–5 km is enough to be fit don't take a heavy stress on body if yiu really wanna be always fit just maintain you diet schedule 30 percent workout and 70 percent diet works on our body according to physique arena .

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