Being a teacher, how can teachers present themselves as role models for students in the classroom?

Strong teachers model the primary rules of improvisation.

Step 1: Be actively present. Focus on what is being said instead of what you are waiting to say.

Step 2: Yes, AND. Acknowledge then build upon what the class offers you.

Step 3: Make your partner look better. If a student puts forth an idea, help them find the vocabulary to turn their rough idea into spun gold.

So yes, I agree with all of Sara's thoughts AND really echo how important humor and compassion are in terms of showing your students that you are rooted in understanding.

I would tack on one of the hardest is Consistency (in classroom management, in energy for subject, in personal emotional baggage). As a teacher of teenagers, I know that they want to know what rules will be enforced; they want to see that there is fairness. You are not doing them, or yourself, any favors by seemingly randomly delivering full consequences and letting others slide. Please entwine this consistency with that aforementioned compassion. Also, consistency extends beyond the stick-be consistently fair with your carrots as well.

Finally, give your students and yourself the right to make mistakes and then learn from them.

I think the key thing is to act professionally yet be as human as possible.

This means:

  1. Being punctual for classes
  2. Being organized and ready for each class
  3. Developing good relationships with students
  4. Showing vulnerability and humor
  5. Behaving in social media
  6. Contributing to society
  7. Not doing crimes
  8. Being honest if one does not know the answer to students questions
  9. Being a lifelong learner
  10. Seeking to unleash their own potential and their students

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Treat students with sincere regard - and avoid misusing the power you've been given over them. Come to class dressed professionally -and come prepared with a decent lesson plan for the day. Keep your self and your desk relatively neat.
Don't make students run errands for you - don't tell them the classroom is your room - the classrooms belong to the community. Take the stance of a caring, thoughtful guide while they're on a journey toward growth, greater maturity, knowledge and understanding - and so are you - teachers as well as students do well to see themselves as on the same journey always - toward growth, greater maturity, greater knowledge and greater understanding.
A sense of humor is helpful to everyone, flexibility in the modern world is a virtue and compassion is a blessing in short supply. If you want students to treat each other with regard, model regard. Model the behaviors and manner you want to see in your students.

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