Being an Egyptian Muslim, is it safe to visit France nowadays?

Of course it is, why wouldn't it be? Security has been stepped up in light of the Paris attacks but there is a sizable Muslim minority in Paris and Parisians will hardly gawk or call the police because they see another Muslim on the streets or on the Metro. There are many Muslims throughout France and the French are by and large comfortable with Muslims in their midst. Some are indeed phobic of Muslims but that happens in the U.K. and USA as well (chauvinists will be chauvinists after all). You have to remember France's long and deep connections with North Africa and the Levant (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon in particular). Islamic culture is hardly alien to them. Just remember Laïcité or secularism is deeply ingrained in French society so it is best to avoid wearing ostensibly Muslim garb or making outward demonstrations of religiosity as it may irritate or provoke someone. If you are  very orthodox and committed to your faith that may be difficult and I would hope there are some French Muslims here who could provide guidance in that regard. Please remember many French are very liberal and welcoming, but many are also very conservative and xenophobic.

What is the most disheartening thing you have ever experienced?

Oh boy...!One fine morning my mom asks me to lace the thread through the needle eye, as she couldn't do it.Simple enough...

Why is New Zealand called New Zealand?

Found on Wikipedia:The name New Zealand originated with Dutch cartographers, who called the islands Nova Zeelandia, after the Dutch province of Zeeland.  No one is certain exactly who first coined the term, but it first appeared in 1645 and may have been the

What should I see and do in Russia?

Have you seen a bear on a bike with balalaika in your country?))Maybe you'll be lucky and see some meteorit in Chelyabinsk?How about a glass of vodka in early morning?Can you see tanks in your country on a street?Well, it's worth visiting Russia just to check such myths!Secondly, life in Russia