Besides walking, what is the best exercise for people who hate to exercise?

Your question is based on a faulty premise. You don't know that you hate just now that you hate the stuff you have made yourself do so far because you feel like you *should * do them. 11 years ago I was a pack-a-day smoker who scoffed at the runners who passed me outside while I was smoking in the cold, snowy winter. "What idiot would choose to be outside on a day like this" I would, well, me? My first run after I quit was hell. I wasn't ready. I didn't return to it for many years, but in the meantime I joined a gym and tried eveything. At that time I liked yoga (a bit more manageable pace for me at that time). I surprised myself by falling in love with Step aerobics (so cheesy, *so* not me!) and continue to do Step classes 2-3 times per week a full decade later (I love it!). Then, as my fitness slowly increased (and it will come slowly) I fell into and then out of love with running, then BootCamp, then weightlifting (my current obsession).

THE POINT?? If you seriously want to make exercise a part of your life you have to find something you like enough that it will become habit - that is, you will do it as part of a routine that you don't have to think about much. If it is something you don't find at least moderate enjoyment from, you will never manage to force yourself to do it regularly, no matter how strong your will power, or how much you think you *should*. The real secret is finding something you can enjoy enough to make a habit, and once the habit is there you have to exert very little effort to *make* yourself stick to just becomes mostly automatic.

I currently work out 6 days per week (3 strength, 3 cardio, 1 yoga), and I love it. That's lot for everyone, but it works for me right now. I am not special. I do not have strong will power. I am not a 'beast'. I am 36 and work full time. Are there times I might prefer not to go to one of those workouts, given the stark choice in the moment? Of course, but it is such a habit now that I rarely ask myself whether I want to go to the gym. I just know that this is what I do on x day. And as any regular (or irregular) exerciser will tell you, if you get yourself to the gym, that's 99% of the battle. The adage that no one ever regrets a workout is virtually 100% true, which helps to further strengthen the habit. So does being able to make progress and do things you did not think were possible (this is an amazing and motivating feeling!). I've read a few studies that suggest that regular exercises get a bigger endorphin hit when they work out, and based on my personal experience, I believe it. Good luck!
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Flat bench press is great to make awesome gains for over a year even if that's all you do for chest. You can add in variation when you become a more experienced lifter.Please check out my YouTube here: Jordan King and click the subscribe button. I do videos at least once a week and usually twice. Once

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