By what mechanism does exercise actually improve cardiovascular health?

Exercise improves cardiovascular health as a type of signal to the human body. You use it or loose it. Just like with memories, muscles, or weight. Well, you end up gaining weight if you don't use your fat ☺

Again, exercise causes the body to:

  • Produce more Nitric Oxide, a vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, and blood vessel growth promoter
  • Reverses ventricular hypertrophy or the stiffening of arteries
  • And lower blood pressure in the long run from making the blood vessels & arteries more elastic.

You can read more about how exercise improves the cardio vascular system here.

What are some healthy, easy to make breakfast dishes?

Being an Indian and that too a punjabi.. I have eaten parathas with different kind of pickles, with different fillings all my teens. My mom used to make us puri chole,aloo sandwich,paneer sandwich etc.But of lately, I have started eating much healthy and easy on stomach food for breakfast. I eat Poha, Idli,Appam , Eggs, Sprouts,Besan

Do men know when women are menstruating?

In my university days I shared a house with three women. I was the only non-scientist. I was the only one with a car and so I tended to do the large grocery shopping. One day I tossed in a packet of tampons for one of the woman. When I gave

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You will find racist people in all communities, however I will objectively focus on the Irish and Irish Americans.In Ireland, it is a very white country compared to England or France who have received immigrants from across the world, Ireland is not exactly a destination for ex-pats. However, the Irish are