Can Botox injections cause health problems?

I have been injecting botox for over a decade.  I just read the answer above, and it seems quite inflammatory and untrue. 
Botox works by binding to the acetylcholine receptor of the muscle.  This bind is irreversible.  Botox "wears off" because you form new receptors.
It is injected in small amounts directly into the muscles.  Only certain muscles are injected.
It is true having a good injector will help ensure you don't end up with funny movements or absolutely no movement.  Please see my blog on the subject.

The most common "complication" I see in my practice is bruise.  When this occurs it tends to be small.  A way to avoid this is using common sense: avoid blood thinning medications (aspirin, advil, Vitamin E, fish oil) and don't exercise right after. 
Find a board certified plastic surgeon to inject.  Only use medical grade botox like those made by Allergan or Dysport.
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