Can Christians go to Mecca?

Technically, only monotheists can go to Mecca.It covers all kinds of monotheists.

But, you go to Mecca on a pilgrimage and not sightseeing.Therefore, it is better that the faithful undertake this religious duty and rest of us watch it on the TV or the Youtube.


It is possible, but the Saudi government does not allow them to. You must understand that Mecca houses the holiest site in Islam. Although Islam doesn't actually prohibit non-Muslims from entering the city, the Saudi government implements this policy to protect the sanctuary from infiltration and un-Islamic people (i.e. people who do un-Islamic things or bring un-Islamic culture). Even Muslims in the past terrorized the city and seized the Ka'aba (the cube in black cloak). We imagine the worst may happen in the hands of hateful non-Muslims. The ultimate purpose of this seemingly odd law is security. After all, the Saudi King is the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Okay, maybe you get the idea that Mecca (and Medina) is forbidden for non-Muslim (whether its another religions or atheism). It is a sacred ground for Muslims and intended for Muslims only. That belief is supported and held by the Saudi Arabian Government, the one who have jurisdiction in the area.

But, until now, I never know how exactly they inspect each and every one in Mecca to see if they are Muslim. The circulation of people in Mecca is non-stop, Thousands or even hundred thousands of people come and go in just a day! When I go to Mecca, there's no inspection or interrogation or whatsoever. So, i don't really know how to held that rules. (but maybe its because i was using a trusted traveling agency that's already doing pilgrimage business for decades)

So, that's it. There is a restriction for non-Muslims to enter Mecca, it's still a law. And every law has a loop hole. Just pray that you don't get caught if you're really reckless.

Taking into consideration the sanctity of the place, it is forbidden for anyone who isn't Muslim to enter Mekkah.
However, there have been cases in which people who aren't of the Islamic faith entered the holy city.
Due to the fact that the closest airport is in Jeddah, the only way Mekkah can be approached is by car. The police have a check-point near the city, where they control most, but not all of, the vehicles headed towards the city.
In essence, any Christian could enter Mekkah, since no one can disprove anybody's claim that they're in fact muslim.

The City of Makkah Al Mukarramah is a protected site and for foreigners like us it is only meant for Pilgrimage or a short stay to pray at the Grand Mosque. But surely you can visit or stay in Jeddah which is quite close to Makkah.

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