Can Dr. Doom defeat Thanos and will he be featured in an Avengers movie?

Generally, no. Dr. Doom is extremely powerful, especially with his suit that allows him to absorb energy, but he's fairly inconsistent with his power. Generally he loses to the Fantastic Four, but higher end showings have him surviving a blast Infinity Gauntlet's Power Gem

Thanos with the gauntlet and the stones? No, he really doesn't stand a chance.

Dr. Doom with the gauntlet and the stones? He'd destroy Thanos with a thought.

Both of them without the gauntlet and stones... It would be a knock down fight but I think Thanos would have the edge. Depends on if Doom has time to come up with some magic or weapon, then he'd have the advantage.

How do we know how long it takes light to reach earth from distant galaxies?

Hubble constant implies that more distant galaxies are moving away faster. So, in the past, everything was closer; and even further back in time, at some point, all matter was concentrated in one single point. This, in turn, implies the

How where Democrats and Whigs (and then Republicans) opposed in banking policy, and why did both parties feel this way, and what were the flaws of both systems they advocated?

In politics, there is always a motive(s) behind one's party affiliation and desired policies. Thinking that those within any party are like minded is a great illusion. Thinking that all politicians choose their Party affiliation based on ethical principles is also a great illusion. They may simply choose to be a Democrat because more

What is your family's favorite dish that you love to make?

For the kids? You can't go wrong with Gyros. It doesn't have to be made with ground lamb, any meat will do. I've even made this with tuna mixed with bread crumbs and egg then baked as patties.The recipe is quite simple- take a pita or fresh flat bread,