Can God die?

Well, this turns interesting.
By the very definition of God, as far as the Hinduism goes, is the sole entity which makes, controls and destroys stuff. (we are included in this 'stuff'). Interestingly, GOD is appropriately Generator, Operator and Destroyer. Also this entity is said to be have neither born, nor can it die. (reference: bhagwad geeta, author: krishna). At this very point, human brain can not further comprehend, because our brain is 'hardwired' to understand stuff by its timeline.
Time, leaving Einstein's theory about spacetime aside, is a mere story written in our basal ganglia (which is a part of human brain; courtesy: TV series Perception). We are made to understand things with regards to time. So, if it is said that God existed forever, that is, there is no 'start' and 'end' for God, the question, under the ambits of Hinduism, doesn't make sense, or else, softly speaking, "God can never die".
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