Can HIIT running and strength training help me tone and lose fat?

What's the best solution to run for weight loss? Answering this question is more difficult than it may seem. The number of calories you burn through running is dependent upon how many miles you run. So that it would stand to reason that the recommended way to slim down through running would be to run a lot. However, whenever you run a lot your body additionally wants to eat a lot to be able to avoid chronic fatigue or injury . . . and consuming a lot is not conducive to weight loss.

I drink 4 litres or more of water every day. Is that harmful?

Here's a great article by Adam Dachis (posted on Feb. 26, 2013)You'd be astonished!How Much Water Do I Actually Need to Drink Every Day?Dear Lifehacker,I've heard you need eight glasses of water every day, but I've also heard that it

How long would it take me to see results from lifting weights?

Seeing muscular gains in your body mostly depends on what workouts you're doing and the length of time you're doing it. It also depends on, sleep, stress levels, genetics, hormones, diet, and many more factor's.When I first started to work out in my first 2 weeks, I used tons