Can I become a teacher without schooling in education?

If you are talking about U.S. public schools, some states have emergency certifications in areas of need, like math. You want to think long and hard, though, about going into a classroom without traditional teacher prep. People often say that they didn't learn much in ed courses, but I've had the opportunity to observe new teachers without the usual preparation. Mostly they don't last long. Often the districts that have to hire emergency teachers are the very districts that do not have the resources to support them. Teacher ed won't tell you everything you need to know, but it's a start. If nothing else, it takes prospective teachers into different kinds of classrooms as part of their training, so that they're not completely overwhelmed by reality.

It depends were you live but in Canada you need a degree to teach. be a teacher's aide you don't necessarily need a degree, just a diploma from a college. In vocational college you need to be at the top of your trade to teach that trade but no degree is required.

How does Apple make product decisions?

They watch samsung for a couple of years. Make jokes about them calling them

Does Apple charge for updates on apps?

Apple has not charged for any updates on any of their apps since they all have been moved to the App Store. Prior to then they charged for updates.All apps in the App store, Apple or not, can be updated at no cost. There is no mechanism for paid updates. Companies with apps they

When, in your opinion, did Apple become a better company than Microsoft?

It is like asking when did human become better species than dinosaurs. Obviously that question is nonsense, as you can't compare species and who's better.It is the same for Apple and Microsoft. Apple was always way better consumer company than Microsoft.