Can I become fit in 3 months?

Three months are around 12 weeks. The body can do magic in 12 weeks. However, you will define what satisfies you.

The very first question you mat want to answer yourself is if you want yo be fit or you want to be healthy and fit. I suppose you would want the later.

You may start with simple things and hit the gym. I would suggest you to take first four weeks to be healthy. The people who run towards to look fit have hazardous problems if health is not the base of the fitness.

The simple things you can do starting from this morning can be:

1. Start breathing. You may think I'm stupid but mist of my clients do not breathe properly. You have to take deep diaphragmatic breaths(like the ones ramdev suggests) taking deep diaphragmatic breaths ensures that the oxygen reaches to every part of the body.

2. Stop anything made in cooking oil. Its poison, only a slow one. Start eating green salads. Lettuce, cabbage, carrots, spinach... Etc. Just cut 'em up and put in whatever you like into it. It can be olive oil, some salt, pepper, garlic powder if you like it... And eat it. I promise you that you would love it.

3. Stop anything which is dairy product. It leaches calcium from your body. Now whenever I say this yo anyone, they think I must be crazy to say that. "Where I'm gonna get my proteins from??" Well, as a metaphor, cow has a lot of muscles, gives birth to a baby with muscles, produces milk that has protein... Where does she gets all her protein from?? "Grass". Another one, gorilla has more muscles than most of us. What he eats? Bamboo. Green leaves have a lot of protein that we easily ignore.

4. Have a 40 minutes light walk for these four weeks. Keep walking at a pace where you dont get out of breath. This is the aerobic zone that you will remove the excess fat.

5. After these four weeks, hit the gym. With doing weight training, you should consume some sugar in the form of carbs to keep your blood sugar normal. Do your workout, and " rest". The muscles grow when they rest. You can make it in cycles like most people do, Monday for chest, Tuesday for legs, and so on. But if you dont see any growth, REST! Rest is very important. All the clients I meet wanna haul ass. That's not the correct way. Ask any muscle builder, he would suggest this. The videos we see where Arnold is going for that last rep, well he rests his muscles as well.

All this while, make sure you eat a lot of green stuff, avoid cooked oil, and as a bonus, make sure you Google food combination. When I came to India, I noticed how as a society we are using all the worst food combinations possible. Just as an example, eating protein with carbs is bad. We are mixing it and eating meat and rice. Or we should not eat two concentrated carbs together, we have chapati and rice. India is becoming worse in it's food habits like most of the world. We deserve better.

Above everything, do keep a positive attitude, see every human with love and respect she/he deserves until they dont prove you wrong. Care about others and be a better human than you are today. This would help you subconsciously to make the healthy and fit body you always wanted!

I am not a big supporter of will power and determination. Because I believe that will power or strong determination will not last a lifetime. What are you going to do after 3 months? Will you be satisfied by going to the same look as you have now? I guess no. So whenever you see that something makes you exert will power, dont do it. Condition yourself and your lifestyle so that these healthy and good steps come naturally throughout your life. I have done around 18 diets and all worked. But the results wash away after some time. So if you have health as your base, you would naturally do all the right things and you dont even have to worry about strong determination and will power. It has worked, it is working for all my clients, and it will work for you as well.

Be here to win the game, and enjoy yourself mate!

Inbox me if you have any troubles or any more clarification, I would love to help, without asking for any money. Helping is my goal, not ₹!

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