Can I believe in god but not be religious?

It is impossible to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior and not go to church, read your bible or pray often.

The true believer will want to go to church, the true believer will be hungry for the word of God so they could grow, so they will read their bible.

A true disciple will deny Himself and follow Jesus!

A true disciple will have a prayer time. Without it they will feel very bad because God will discipline those He loves into doing religious things.

Now most people who do religious things are hypocrites. The parable Jesus told of the sower illustrates 75% of the religious people are not Christians. Also many are on the broad road that leads to destruction and few are on the narrow road.

And Jesus healed 10 lepers and only one said thank you!

Even demons believe in God but are going to Hell!

James 2:18-20 "But someone may well say, "You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works." 19 You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. 20 But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless?"

Yes. But what you believe is what you actually believe, not what you might choose to believe. It is what you understand to be true by virtue of your personal experiences, both natural and supernatural, set against the framework established by your early religious conditioning, or subsequent revelations.

It appears to me that if there be a god, gods, goddesses, and/or hosts of other elemental, supernatural and celestial entities, then the way that he/she/it/them speak to us is through our deep religious convictions even though they be vastly different between us all, the truth that we too often deny is the same for all of us. That much only stands to reason.

You are on the right path to look beyond religion to find your god. Once we understand the truth that lies beyond religion we can recognise each other as brothers/sisters. One big family. Then we understand that to harm one small part of this is to harm part of ourselves. Here's a hint for you "all you need is love". It's been said all too often, but not put into practice nearly enough. You may find, with practice, that love is an excellent tool for shaping your environment. Most rewarding.

Sure. Religion is a structure an organization around the belief system that enforces a set of rules, a top down hierarchy. It's a mass-ritualistic herd system. Somebody leads, the herd follows. There is a book, people synch with each other on their beliefs and how to pray using the scripture. There are temples, they need money to be built, to be maintained, to be up-kept; a person to do that, that person needs money to live so that he can dedicate himself to the temple etc etc etc.

Take out all this rubbish and you are left with a pure joy in your heart. A belief that somewhere out there there is a life-giving force helping the universe run itself. Maybe it's a creation of the universe itself. It rose and came to being with the universe and that we are all part of it. That we are all connected at some level and that we are all one. We are all made of stardust. We came from dust, we will return to dust.

You don't need an organization to feel blissful, to do the right thing, to have a sense of morality of good and bad. Some call this being spiritual, but that's a duality point of view. You don't have to be spiritual to feel the presence of Tao.

You see how hard it is. That, my friend, is a very sharp edged knife one must travel to keep organized religion out and keep the faith in. Try Shinto, that's the closest one. Taoism is not really a religion, it's more of a belief system with a few principles and after that you are on your own. Buddhism is also somewhat close but there are a lot of lost Buddhists who turned that into an organized religion.

Yes why not..

God is helping you million times more than your family

If you have to be grateful to your parents, wife and children, how much you should be grateful to God on the same basis of help done to you? Since you have not realized the help of God, you are less grateful to God. You have over estimated the help of your family and you are more grateful to the worldly bonds. God is helping you million times more than your family and His help is continuous for millions of births even though you are not grateful to Him. The help from your family is limited to this birth and if you analyze you will find that business is always hidden in your worldly bonds. Veda says that any soul loves you since you are the means of its happiness (Atmanah kamaya....). Hence, voting for God and rejecting worldly bonds is not violation of justice but it is based on the same very very justice only.

Lack of deep knowledge and analysis makes it to appear as voting for God against justice. But in fact, it is only voting for highest justice and rejecting higher justice. When you reject prostitute before your wife, it is voting to higher justice against lower justice or injustice. Justice and injustice are only comparative terms. If a bachelor loves a prostitute and marries her as social reform, such love to the prostitute becomes justice only. Hence, justice becomes injustice and vice-versa in different contexts. It is only a relative concept. Therefore, establishment of justice means establishment of both Pravrutti and Nivrutti (identifying the present human form of God and selfless service to Him). You can identify the justice at every level through the torchlight of analytical knowledge. Therefore, if you cannot identify justice in Pravrutti, how can you identify justice in Nivrutti? If you cannot vote for your wife against a prostitute, how can you vote for God against your wife?

Hence, analytical knowledge and voting for justice continue without any change in both Pravrutti and Nivrutti. Hence, Lord stressed on establishment of justice only and this covers both Pravrutti and Nivrutti. The high justice becomes injustice before higher justice.

Some religion teachings are distorted, we can believe in God without following the distorted religion teachings.

Some religious people are bad, we do not have to follow the bad religious people.

The person should not automatically inherit fathers' religions.

We do not accept the recommendations of parents about our marriage, business, investment, education, or anything we feel important to us, so why should we automatically inherit religion. If we do, that means we do not really care about religion.

We may follow the common ground of the clear and consistent teachings as taught by the prophets and by the inspired wise teachers. The message by the same God revealed to the prophets must be consistent, clear and easy for all people regardless of their level of education or experience

The common ground of religion teachings includes:

If you obey and do good deeds to help others then you will be saved and blessed; if you disobey, you will be lost and cursed; that is the clear message. That message is the most reiterated message by the wise inspired teachers, Moses, confirmed by Jesus and by Islamic teachings

"Can you believe in God but not be religious?"

Of course! If you believe there's a deity, but you are unable to undestand it or communicate with it, you have no obligation whatsoever to worship said deity or to engage in rituals to please said deity. You can believe in a deity, and follow no religion whatsoever.

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