Can I build muscle lifting light weights with higher reps?

Here is my view regarding building muscle. It is a fact that when resistance training improvement can only occur by adding resistance.

Let's say your genetic limited squat is 300 kg and you can only 250 for 1 rep. You can then choose to do say 220 for 4 reps or 150 for 15 reps until failure (these numbers are just theoretical).

For the low rep routine as you progress you will finally reach 300 BUT at this weight YOU CAN ONLY do 1 rep because that is the final limit of your strength.

The same goes for the high rep routine and as you approach your max the reps you can actually do will be reduced no matter how hard you try until you are at 300 and able to do just 1 rep.

So both ways lead to the same FINAL result. The only conclusion here is that there is no difference EXCEPT the time taken to reach your max. The high rep routine takes longer to achieve the same result, that's all.

Are there any good heated swimming pools in Pune that public can visit?

Hyatt Regency Pune offers the city's first temperature controlled indoor swimming pool within a five star property. Guests can enjoy the swimming pool to relax and lounge between 6 AM to 10 PM.Highlights include:ยท An artistically designed 16 metre long swimming pool equipped

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This may just be hype! An increasing number of teenagers and children are taking Adderall to increase focus and to perform better in exams. They often come across the dilemma of whether to take Adderall to excel. They fear side effects as well. So, to clear