Can I build muscle with only 10 minutes of daily working out at home without any equipment?

Building muscle is a two part formula: Diet and Exercise

If you have only 10 minutes a day to do only body weight exercises, then I suggest cutting down daily calories (depending on what the rest of your day looks like activity wise) because if you're eating more calories than burning you're putting your body in a "bulking" environment and unless you are lifting heavy weights you probably won't notice any muscle try and keep your calorie consumption lower.

As far as exercise is concerned, as long as you keep it INTENSE and CHALLENGING, you should be good! Intensity is easy, but with respect to only body weight movements challenging will be, well, challenging.

Intense- Short rest periods between sets

Challenging- Each set going to failure is really the best route.

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Hope you find this info helpful!

May the gains be ever in your favor

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