Can I divorce my parents?

I'll break it down to you.
"My parents suck." - Someone in nepal has no roof over their head. You have some access to internet to bad mouth two people that provide that for you. Please appreciate.
"Typical Indian Parents" - My parents are indian. I have curfews and my CGPA is way above average and they still ask if I could do better. They are a no-no to dating. But do they suck? Hell NO. Do I wish I had more freedom? YES. Do they Suck? Please.

"They have lot of money but they dont spend on me" Unless you earned it, please stop thinking anyone owes you.

"I want to be in a rich family who can spend money for me. How do I do that?" - Are you 12? I'm hoping you are . So Im not going to even highlight how stupid this sounds. Noone's going to treat you like you own the worl or even their world. Go learn a new skill and stop being lazy.

turn this hatered into some positive energy,man.
If being rich was easy everyone would be!
Can a judge deny someone a divorce?

In the USA, there are 50 States. There are three Parties to a Marriage Contract. They are the Husband, the Wife and the State. In order to dissolve a Marriage, you must get the State's permission. That is accomplished by getting

I'm 16 and I've started lifting weights and tried to do push ups. But when I start doing push ups, it's really hard for me to pull off even one. What should I do to improve?

Hi,I was also suffering frm the same situation when i started gymming.What i did was these:-1).Started doing negative pushupsHave a downward position and slowly come up. Do 5 sets of 122).Start doing push ups on the knees3).Do 3 sets of 5–8 reps with a perfect form.It will

Would eating the amount of calories I need for my BMR (2300 calories) and burning off around 1200 calories a day be dangerous to my metabolism?

You must be a very large and muscular man to have a BMR of 2300 calories.Regardless, if correct, you are burning a minimum of 2300 just because of your BMR. You must be burning at least another 500 doing normal daily things like brushing your teeth and going to