Can I fix my marriage with my husband if he doesn't try?

You can't fix your husband only yourself. It might be that nothing you do can save your marriage but it's always worth trying. Think back to when you were dating or first married what things did the two of you enjoy doing together. What are things you did for him that brought you both close. I'm not talking sex here. Greet him at the door with a hug and a kiss. Make his favorite meal. Do things that surprise him. Most importantly let him know in word and deed that he is important and loved. I like to surprise my wife with love letters, special gifts, and even dates out of the blue. We try and set aside a date night every week we don't have to do anything expensive sometimes we don't even leave the house. If you have kids have them stay with grandparents for a night, everyone will enjoy that. My wife is in a wheelchair often her shoulders an arms hurt. I will offer to message them. Not expecting it to go anywhere just helping her to feel better. I make a point of telling her how much I love her several times a day, I mite comment about how lovely her eyes are or how nice she looks all dressed up.

My first marriage ended in divorce. In part because I tried to change her. I won't make that mistake again. Honestly I don't think I could have done anything to save it. This time around I'm different.

Do all wives make married life miserable for husbands by nagging, irritating, and being illogical?

You have described a life typical in many families in India. You are not the first husband and will certainly not be the last one to go through this phase of married life.Your wife must have either had a

How can a divorced Muslim woman demand maintenance in India?

The rights of mainteenance can be claimed by Infants, children (even if adult), wife, parents, grand parents.The husband is bound to Maintain his wife as long as she is faithful to him and obeys all his orders.Even after divorce, the wife is entitled to Maintenance during nafaqa in Muslim law.A divorced women has right to Maintenance during Iddat period.Widow