Can I follow my wife through her cell phone GPS?

Although I must say I find this question a little bit disturbing, here's my answer:

In any case, you have to have login access to both phones.

If you both have Apple iPhones, that makes things really easy, you can just use Find my friends.

If you both have Android phones, I'm not as well versed in the options available too you (as I'm an Apple guy myself), but I can only assume there are apps available for that purpose.

The last alternative, you have different phones. I guess there's a possibility there are apps that would allow you to track the other phone using a web browser, but I'm not sure here.

Bonus option; her phone is neither an Android or an iPhone. Then I have not idea at all.

Disclaimer: Only use this information for legal purposes. I assume no liability for anything illegal you might do or any harm that might happen to you.

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