Can I get away with speaking english in Baja California?

If American AND Canadian AND European visitors are speaking English inside...the Mexican border, which they are...then any community bordering Mexico should be no less "forgiving" of gringo lingo. Every border guard asks the same seven words: "What is the purpose of your visit?" Followed sequentially by: "How long do you intend to stay?" If you rationalize that Baja is totally sombreroed. ..then determine your answers to the full border questions before you're traipsing Baja's streets. An extended stay means you should have an electronic translator handy that has voice recognition. A shorter stay means the hotel staff and nearby restaurants likely have "a working" command of English. But phone your Baja hotel switchboard ahead of time! Acquaint yourself with their "level of English" before you arrive. I.E. Book into the hotel with the best English(when choosing your accommodations). Ones with "too thick" an accent may be prioritizing escorts and street locals. In the roughest Mexican hotels "cutlery" weapons are "checked/left" at the door before drinking and carousing. I.E. Carry an inside - pocket of mace or electronic whistle as a more "hotel•friendly" option if you're a drinker who is leary of physical confrontation. Or skip-the-trip because bruiser bikers congregate in border bars (if you believe cinema celluloid hype).If I were going, I would message my departure my home answering machine understanding friend who is a "teetotaler." Also, I would go with little apprehension. ..because I love any/all Mexicans. And  that love smooths over any language "barriers" on either side of Mexico's border. Prior precautions are only because there is a need to establish routine procedures even if it's a trip to some Nunnery in Switzerland. ☆☆☆☆

What culture shocks do international students face in the US?

As an Indian I have the habit of using British English because that is what I was taught since childhood. However, when you come to the United States, there are certain things that you experience in your everyday life related to general ways of communicating that are strikingly

How come I never had a dream?

1. strong emotions = easy recall of any memory, dream or not. 2. while sleeping you are consciously thinking  but not tagging memories for long term recall and so you exist in a 3 second universe and unless something dramatic comes to mind or you wake up in mid thought and think about it

What is your biggest culture shock from visiting Los Angeles?

I was actually born in LA. I left many, many decades ago.I took a trip a couple of years ago starting in LA, to see old friends then made my way going up the coast and ended up staying with some good friends in Canada.My biggest shock when visiting again after so many years was the abundance of shallow,materialistic,