Can I get back with my ex after 7 months? (Read details.)

There has to be some sort of detail being left out here. Why would she block you on social media and everything else unless you hurt her in some sort of way? Not trying to assume anything, but I need a picture painted in order to fully understand why she's upset with you. She gets along with your family but not with you? Weird...

I'd just leave it alone. If anything, speak to your family about keeping their distance from her as well. Seems like she's trying to somehow manipulate you.

Honestly, be very weary of coming too close to her. If you make too many attempts to contact her, she can try to get a restraining order placed against you, and then by the look of the situation, you'd be the one who must relocate. My advice is to stay away from her. Don't even wave to her in public. Just keep distance and if she becomes friendly to you again, then keep a log of how often she communicates with you, just in case she turns on you later.

Be very careful with this person. I don't see much good coming to you from any type of relationship attempts.

What gym routine works best for you?

I have been using the single body part a day. Which is ok if you are on a maintenance phase.Now i play soccer so i need more athletic moves than just lift weights all the time.So i have add some circuit training and base on soccer i make sure my circuit training consist on sprints, jump

What are some good forearm exercises?

Forearm exercises. There are a ton of them. Heck, just about anything you do in the gym will help forearms. Two pieces of advice:1. Do forearm exercises last. A weakened grip will adversely effect your other lifts. 2. If it hurts, like a sharp pain, STOP and reconsider.