Can I get fit if I work out without taking protein supplements?

Yes....just make sure you're getting enough protien from your food. The reason people "supplement" with protein shakes is that it's usually easier/less expensive to get that protien into your body in shake form than in whole food form. Just shoot for 1–1.5g of protien per pound of body weight per day, overshoot when you're trying to gain weight.

This is also a decent shortcut to cleaning up your diet, because it's hard to have room in ones appetite for junk if you're successfully eating 1g of protien from whole/unprocessed food per pound of body weight.

How does aging affect the blood brain barrier?

An excerpt from the abstract of a 1988 study on the Effect of aging on the blood-brain barrier:Conditions which are commonly associated with aging, such as hypertension and cerebrovascular ischemia, aggravate the age-related alterations in BBB function. The histologic changes in brain vasculature with

Will CBD oil show positive in a drug test?

CBD will show in certain tests and not in others. Traditional tests that test for THC only may not show up if you've taken a hemp derived CBD product.Hemp derived CBD products only have trace amounts of THC. Usually below 0.3%. Cannabis derived CBD products with THC in them can show up

How would you define life in just one word?

Well, I've Trichotillomania. Most of you wouldn't know what this is. Let me explain it to you. This is a not-so-common OCD in India( which is where I live) and all over the world. It means that I have a recurring urge to pull my hair out. It sounds strange, isn't it? Why would a person pull her/his own