Can I get ripped by doing push ups, sit ups, squats and bicep curls everyday?

You've chosen the right approach, but not the most efficient one. Bodyweight exercises will only stimulate your muscle growth up to a certain range and than you'll hit a plateau. This may be sufficient for some folks to get ripped but for the less genetically gifted it may not. So I'd recommend training your whole body, while focusing on the basics movements deadlift, squat, overhead press and bench press, combined with a few (note: A FEW!) additional assistance exercises such as bicep curls etc. What's more, you'll also have to keep an eye on nutrition in order to get lean enough to be ripped. After all, you may have a look at my blog TURN where you'll find the nutrition basics series and soon the exercise basics series (starting in September) for fat loss and physique enhancement. That's perhaps the information you're seeking. I'd be glad if that helps you achieve what you're after.

How to control my life with controlling parents

Greetings,By devoting yourself for your parents because you are what you are because of them and you'll not loose anything. on the other hand too much love will change them and they allow you to control your life on your own as well as them but you don't change your style of being devoted and with this strategy

I am European and married to a US citizen. She is in the US and I am in Europe right now. How do I divorce her avoiding a trip to the US?

You don't. In such cases American justice system is way leaned towards women. Despite all the #Metoo, women are hand down winners in such cases - the burden is on you to prove even you consider yourself not at fault – most of the guys do!!Also, if you are planning to visit USA

Is Herbalife's nutrition shake good for a cancer patient?

One of my uncles is dignosed with cancer.He knows my family is in the Herbalife Nutrition business for the last 18 years. He's never been interested in using the nutrition, and we don't usually have chats on this topic.He has been recommended Herbalife Nutrition by