Can I get skinny in 6 months?

It is quite possible to make a very significant difference in 6 months. Unfortunately, there really is no magic answer to weight loss. There is no secret solution, no mystery. Simple things you do can help tremendously. Eat a healthy diet of about 1500 calories a day - you do need to learn to count calories to some degree, and there are tons of sites that will help you with that, as well as the labels on foods. Start keeping a record everyday of what you eat, because we all usually tend to consume more calories than we think we do. Eliminate ALL junk food, sodas, pop, sweets, fried foods, fast foods, fruit juices, and processed foods. Everyday eat fruit, veggies, a few nuts, lean meat and fish, whole grain breads and cereals, low fat dairy products. The many meal replacement products on the market can be a good tool to help you get started on a better eating plan. Use them in the first week or two if you like to replace one meal a day. Make sure you get one that has a good protein content. Special K makes a protein shake and the Glucerna shakes have higher protein content. Go for a brisk 45 minute walk twice a day if you can, everyday. Climb lots of stairs. Drink plenty of water. If at all possible start a weight lifting/strength training program at a gym and get some instruction from the gym trainer. It will work


Abu Rayhan

How to do 60 push-ups in 4 weeks

HiThis should be a very achieveable goal, even if starting from zero strength.If you cannot do 1 normal PU start on your knees and do 2 or 3, 3 times during the day, increase these repetitions (reps) over a few days and you will start to build arm and upper body strength.After a

What are some amazing facts about sleep?

People who sleep late have more mental stamina and can outperform early risers.A sleeping human brain can still understand the words being spoken around.Before sleeping, 90% of your mind begins to imagine stuffs you'd like to happen.The happier you are the less

What can we do to protect our eyes when working for long in front of a computer?

Nowadays we are reading, writing and doing all kinds of works on computers. This is causing major strain to our eyes. In the short term, we may experience dry eyes, eye strain, eye fatigue, headaches, or blurred vision. In the long term, we can end up with