Can I go running at night for weight loss?

The best time to do any workout is either in the morning after you wake up or in the night half an hour before bed. Usually when you go in the morning, the testosterone levels are high, and after you drink a glass of water, your organs gets activated and hence provide the max efficiency. Apart from that, since you go for any workout without anything in your stomach, the body will of course burn the calories already stored in your body.
Well if you have not taken your dinner, then this is somewhat the same condition of the body at night, the only difference is your muscles need relaxing after any workout. and a shower always helps to calm down your body before your sleep. But a shower after an exercise is much more effective for your sleep and relaxing your muscles. Our muscles recover the fastest during our sleep.

Hence working out at night is equally good for your body as in the morning. The morning has added advantages although. Fresh air, fresh start of the day, psychologically it feels more hours in the day. Also for your night run, avoid your meals 2 hours before or after your workout.

There are a few exercises which needs to be done in the morning (usually cardio) and there are few which are best for night (usually strength as they need recovery and rest). Apart from that you can also perform a few workout at your home if you don't find enough time in your daily schedule. Try the app like Fitso, which provide both home workouts and calorie counter to log your meals. In that way, you can balance your calorie intake and your calorie burn, which helps a lot in staying fit. This is for free. However if you want to hire a personal trainer (In India only), then they provide online training (running, fitness, weight loss, nutrition), which is quite effective (Second hand accounts from multiple people, have not tried it myself)

Hope this will help you. Apart from that, I would just say that the ideal time to workout for me is ‘now'...The only thing I think before working out is about my meals, rest is just fine with me.

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